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Socials Committee

Dinner with Friends

Charles Cohen, PhD


Our mission is to foster a sense of community amongst the postdoctoral fellows and promote social networking/ community building at JHU. We organize many events throughout the year intended to bring together postdocs with diverse interests, personalities and backgrounds for social engagement.

We are also responsible for identifying and sharing of local community resources available for postdocs in the Baltimore area that could help promote community building at JHU.

We typically organize and hosts regular on-campus happy hours, often in collaboration with the international committee. Other events may include (but not limited to), off-campus "Shuttle Socials", where a venue on the JHMI shuttle route or Charm City Circulator route is chosen as a meeting point for a safe, fun evening to relax and unwind, hiking trips, ski trips, barbecues, game nights, paintball, international New Year party and many more!!!


Co-chair: Charlie Cohen (

We are looking for volunteers! Contact us at:

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