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Diversity Postdoctoral Alliance Committee (DPAC)

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Athanasia Liapodimitri, MD

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Evangelia Vlachou, MD

The Diversity Postdoctoral Alliance Committee is an interdisciplinary network of for engaging, connecting, developing and supporting postdoc fellows historically underrepresented in the sciences. 

We seek to enhance the academic, professional, and social development of our members by systematically identifying and addressing their needs and concerns.

A key component of DPAC goals is to organize and host the annual Excellence and Diversity Conference (EiD) aimed to advance and promote underrepresented trainees from various academic levels. This event is organized by DPAC and supported by JHPDA, and other administrative offices and programs at JHU.


Co-chairs: Evangelia Vlachou ( and Athanasia Liapodimitri (

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