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JHPDA 2023-24 Co-President Nominees

Bermea, Kevin.jpg

Kevin Bermea, MD, is a renowned international medical graduate (IMG) with a Master of Science in Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering, and is now proudly announcing his candidacy for the Co-President of the JHPDA Board. Since joining Johns Hopkins in 2018, Kevin has made incredible strides in the field of cardiology research. His particular focus has been on heart immunology, delving into the role of B cells in cardiac conditions.  Kevin's career, however, extends beyond the confines of his research. Even in his school years, he demonstrated a profound dedication to public health and community outreach. He was an active participant in "Fundación Sigue Latiendo," a Mexican NGO devoted to increasing awareness of heart disease risk factors. This early involvement not only instilled in him a deep understanding of the importance of heart health but also influenced his career trajectory towards cardiology research.  Parallel to this, Kevin contributed to SUOPAD (Servicio Universitario Orientado a la Prevención de Adicción a Drogas), a service focused on the prevention of drug abuse among young individuals. This experience reaffirms Kevin's commitment to addressing major public health issues from a young age.  More recently, Kevin has served as a Co-Chair of the Communications Committee. In this role, he has been responsible for creatively sharing weekly memes, injecting humor, and fostering a vibrant community spirit within the postdoc experience.  Recognizing the challenges his peers face, Kevin passionately advocates for better benefits and improved conditions for postdocs. Moreover, he is unwavering in his commitment to providing support for IMGs. He understands the unique hurdles IMGs encounter in their professional development and strives to secure more resources, support, and opportunities to bolster their professional growth.  With his diverse background, commendable expertise in cardiology research, creative communication skills, and steadfast commitment to his community, Kevin Bermea truly stands out as an exceptional candidate for the Co-Presidency of the JHPDA Board. His dedication to supporting IMGs further strengthens his suitability for this important leadership role.

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